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Saudi Arabia eVisa for Cruise Tourists

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recently launched an electronic visa service for cruise passengers sailing from or arriving at Saudi Arabian ports. This new initiative, announced on January 1, 2022, aims to facilitate travel for tourists visiting Saudi Arabia by cruise ship. In 2021, Saudi Arabia opened its ports to cruise ships, and now, with the introduction of the eVisa, cruise passengers can enjoy a streamlined visa application process.

Previously, online visa applications were available only to other categories of tourists. However, with the nautical transit eVisa, cruise passengers can now easily apply for a visa to Saudi Arabia online. This development not only simplifies the visa process but also encourages more tourists to explore Saudi Arabia's attractions via cruise ships.

Requirements for Obtaining a Saudi eVisa for Cruise Passengers

  • Purchased Cruise Ticket: To be eligible for the maritime eVisa for Saudi Arabia, you must provide proof of purchasing a cruise ticket.

    1. Valid Passport: You need a valid passport to apply for your cruise ship visa. Ensure that your passport is not expired and has at least six months of validity remaining.

    2. Online Application: The application process for the Saudi maritime eVisa is conducted entirely online. You must submit your visa application through the designated online portal.

Please ensure that you have fulfilled these requirements before proceeding with your maritime eVisa application for Saudi Arabia.

Process for Applying for a Nautical Transit eVisa

E-Maritime Visa for Cruise Passengers to Saudi Arabia. 3-Step Application Process , Applying for an e-maritime visa to Saudi Arabia has never been easier for cruise passengers. The online application process consists of three simple steps:

  • Complete the E-Maritime Visa Application
    • Fill out the online application form with your personal and travel information.
    • Ensure all details are accurate and complete.
  • Verification by Saudi Cruise Company
    • The submitted application data will be verified by the Saudi Cruise Company.
    • This step ensures the information provided is correct and meets the necessary requirements.
  • Receive the Approved Cruise Visa
    • Once the verification process is complete and your application is approved, the e-maritime visa will be issued.
    • The approved visa will be sent to you electronically, eliminating the need to visit the Saudi Arabian embassy or consulate in your country of origin.

Quick and Convenient Electronic Processing

The e-maritime visa application for Saudi Arabia is processed efficiently and promptly. After submitting your online request, you can expect to receive the approved visa in a timely manner. This eliminates the hassle of visiting an embassy or consulate, as the entire process can be completed conveniently from anywhere with an internet connection.

Individuals Requiring an e-Maritime Visa for Saudi Arabia

The e-maritime visa for Saudi Arabia caters to two specific groups of cruise tourists. Whether you are embarking on a cruise ship sailing from Saudi Arabia or your cruise itinerary includes a visit to Saudi Arabia, this visa streamlines the paperwork required for your journey.

Group 1: Passengers Boarding a Cruise Ship in Saudi Arabia

If you plan to board a cruise ship departing from Saudi Arabia, the e-maritime visa simplifies the visa application process. Cruise liners greatly value the inclusion of fly-cruise passengers, and this visa ensures a seamless travel experience for you.

Group 2: Passengers Visiting Saudi Arabia on a Cruise Itinerary

For those on a cruise that includes a stop in Saudi Arabia, the e-maritime visa grants you the necessary authorization to disembark and explore the country's ports of call. However, it is important to note that this visa is not intended for extended stays within Saudi Arabia.

Visa Limitations

The cruise e-maritime visa is primarily a transit visa, enabling you to fly into Saudi Arabia and travel directly to the port for boarding or for short visits during your cruise's stopover in Saudi Arabian ports. If you plan to extend your vacation in Saudi Arabia beyond the duration of your cruise, it is advisable to apply for a Saudi Arabia tourist eVisa, which can also be conveniently obtained online.

By simplifying the visa application process for cruise travelers, the e-maritime visa enhances the overall cruise experience and ensures smooth entry into and transit through Saudi Arabia.

Popular Cruise Destinations in Saudi Arabia

Jeddah, located in Saudi Arabia, serves as a home port and the starting point for exciting Red Sea cruises. Cruise tourists can easily access Jeddah by flying into King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED). From there, they can conveniently travel by land to reach the port.

Port Cities and Towns in Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia boasts several noteworthy port cities and towns, each offering unique attractions and experiences. Some of the prominent ones include:

  1. Jeddah, the gateway to Mecca
  2. King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC), the gateway to Medina
  3. Yanbu, top scuba diving destination
  4. Dammam, known for its beaches

Cruise Experience and Opportunities:

The average duration of Red Sea cruises departing from Jeddah is typically around 7 days. In addition to exploring the enchanting Red Sea, passengers may also have the chance to visit neighboring countries such as Jordan and Egypt. These exciting excursions offer unique cultural experiences and the opportunity to witness historical landmarks.

By combining the convenience of Jeddah's accessibility, the allure of Red Sea cruises, and the possibility of exploring neighboring countries, a journey from this Saudi Arabian port promises an unforgettable and enriching experience.

Maritime Visa: An Integral Part of Efforts to Enhance Tourism

Tourism plays a pivotal role in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's strategy for economic diversification. The government's efforts to promote tourism have led to the introduction of various initiatives, including the eVisa system, aimed at attracting visitors from all over the world.

eVisa for Tourists:

  1. In 2019, Saudi Arabia introduced the eVisa for tourists, marking a significant milestone in its tourism development. This convenient electronic visa allows travelers to explore the country for up to 90 days per stay. It offers a hassle-free process for obtaining travel authorization and facilitates easier entry for tourists.

Ambitious Goals:

  1. The Saudi Arabian government has set ambitious targets for tourism growth. With a planned investment of up to USD 200,000, the country aims to position itself as a leading tourist destination by 2030. To achieve this, Saudi Arabia is focused on creating a favorable environment for tourism and hospitality industries.

Cruise Ship Tourism:

  1. To further enhance visitor numbers, Saudi Arabia has introduced the nautical transit eVisa, specifically targeting travelers arriving on cruise ships. This initiative is expected to attract a higher influx of tourists and encourage cruise liners to include Saudi Arabian ports in their itineraries. By embracing cruise ship tourism, Saudi Arabia aims to diversify its tourism offerings and provide unique experiences to visitors.

Tourism is a significant component of Saudi Arabia's economic diversification strategy. Through the implementation of initiatives such as the eVisa system and the focus on cruise ship tourism, the country aims to welcome 100 million visitors by 2030. These efforts not only promote cultural exchange but also contribute to job creation and overall economic growth in the Kingdom.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Saudi Arabia eVisa for cruise tourists is an electronic visa system introduced by the Saudi Arabian government. It allows travelers arriving on cruise ships to obtain a visa online, facilitating their entry into the country.

The eVisa is available to tourists arriving in Saudi Arabia on cruise ships. Eligibility requirements may vary, and it is advisable to check the evisa website for the most up-to-date information.

With the eVisa, cruise tourists can stay in Saudi Arabia for a period of up to 90 days per stay. This duration allows visitors ample time to explore and experience the country's attractions.

Cruise tourists can apply for the Saudi Arabia eVisa by visiting the official visa website and following the designated application process. The application typically involves providing personal information, travel details, and supporting documentation as required.

The eVisa simplifies the visa application process for cruise tourists, offering convenience and efficiency. It enables travelers to obtain travel authorization online, eliminating the need for physical visa applications or visits to Saudi Arabian embassies or consulates.

Yes, cruise tourists with the eVisa can explore various regions and cities within Saudi Arabia. The eVisa allows visitors to experience the country's rich cultural heritage, historical sites, modern developments, and natural wonders.

Yes, the Saudi Arabia eVisa for cruise tourists is a multiple-entry visa. This means that travelers can enter and exit the country multiple times within the validity period of the visa, enhancing flexibility for cruise travelers who may have multiple port calls in Saudi Arabian destinations.

The validity of the eVisa for cruise tourists depends on the specific visa type and is subject to the Saudi Arabian government's regulations. It is essential to check the visa validity period before planning your trip.

The possibility of extending the stay in Saudi Arabia for cruise tourists with the eVisa may vary. It is recommended to review the official visa guidelines or consult with the relevant authorities for information on visa extensions or other visa-related matters.

Cruise tourists with the eVisa are expected to comply with Saudi Arabian laws, regulations, and customs. It is advisable to respect local traditions, dress modestly, and adhere to any specific guidelines provided by the Saudi Arabian authorities.